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Chief Designer

Toshiyuki Sakata

- What kind of work do you do?
We design the product website as well as printed materials such as magazine ads, catalogs, and flyers for events. I used to work for a DTP design company, but that was completely contract work, so it was about representing the clients’ products. Naturally, this included designing for products that I wasn’t invested in. But now, I'm designing to promote and build excitement for products and services that I care about. Actually, it’s really fun.

- How would you describe the atmosphere at Celsys?
There is no internal conflict, and I feel a strong sense of camaraderie rather than the rivalry common to design companies. It’s a good atmosphere where we can share and learn each other’s skills and techniques. As the chief designer, I try to use my past experiences to advise the other four team members. However, I don’t force my opinion, but simply provide it as an example. Each person has different techniques and tastes, and I think we should make the most of these.

- What kind of people do you want to work with?
I want to work with passionate people who believe in the power of design. We are not a design company, so designers have a kind of support role. However, our products are recognized by many users through their design. The power of design makes all the difference for brand and product recognition. I think it's a rewarding job.

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