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Development Manager

Naotaka Otsuka

- How did you join Celsys?
I first joined the company in 2001, but then I left because I didn’t have the opportunity to work with 3D like I wanted. However, I kept in contact with my boss and we met up for drinks sometimes. About five years later, I heard that Celsys was looking for an engineer who could do server-side development for a new service, so I decided to re-join the company. My main reasons for joining Celsys again were that I wanted a place to use the server technology and knowledge that I had learned over those five years and because I knew that Celsys was a company with a great work environment for people who want to create. But above all, what appealed to me was the rare opportunity to be involved in creating a new service.

- What kind of work do you do?
Currently, I’m in charge of development for Clip Studio and other services. I decide on future specifications, then assign tasks to our software engineers and manage their progress. In-house development is a rewarding job as we can directly see how our customers are using the software. We come up with and develop everything by ourselves, so it’s a very different experience to contract work.

- What makes Celsys different?
The company as a whole has a youthful vibe because the president is still in his early 40s and the executives are young. Another characteristic is that many people here enjoy manga and anime.

- What kind of people do you want to work with?
I enjoy working with people who are curious and with an eagerness to learn about all kinds of topics, not only IT.

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