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Overseas Web Marketer

Wei Chuan Wu

- What kind of work do you do?
I am in charge of translation, social media management and planning, SEO research in the Marketing Department.

Clip Studio Paint is a well-known digital art tool in Taiwan

- I understand that you are from Taiwan. Please tell us a little about yourself before joining Celsys.
My grandmother is Japanese, so I have felt close and long admired this country since I was a child. I am also interested in Japanese culture, especially in entertainment and food. I majored in Japanese at university, and from that time on, I had a strong desire to go to Japan. I thought if I didn't go then, I wouldn't have another chance, and that I only had one life to live, so I decided to find a job in Japan.

The reason why I joined Celsys was because I had been using Clip Studio Paint. There are many people in Taiwan who are interested in manga and anime, and many of my friends there are also users of Clip Studio Paint, so it was a digital art tool that I was familiar with before I joined the company.

- After joining the company, you took advantage of the employee promotion system and are now working as a full-time salaried employee. Could you tell us how you got to that point?
I was hired as a contract employee for one year, but at a review session, I was offered the opportunity to become a full-time salaried employee. In my work, I was often praised for the speed of my translations. Since becoming a full-time salaried employee, the scope of my work has increased bit-by-bit, and I find it rewarding.

Putting creative knowledge to work for global marketing

- What do you find most rewarding about your work?
I am interested in the creative industry, so I find it particularly rewarding when I can use my hobbies and other areas of expertise in my work. For example, when looking for new creators for promotions geared toward Asia, I am consulted about what kind of creators are popular in Taiwan, and what is popular in Asia outside of Japan. It's rewarding that I am asked about what's popular in Taiwan, that I can provide information about Taiwan, and that my opinion is considered.

- You said that you came to Japan because you were interested in the country. Now that you are here, how have you been spending your time?
Since it is easy to take time off at Celsys, I get to travel all over Japan. I've traveled to many places, including Hokkaido, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. I especially like the atmosphere of Fukuoka. I was also surprised at how easy it was to get from the airport to the city center.
My parents' home in Taiwan is located in the countryside in the lower part of Taipei, so maybe that’s why I love Tokyo and other large cities.

A fulfilling private life motivates you to work

- What is the appeal of Celsys?
I think the appeal of the company is that the overall atmosphere and many of those that work here are free and open. You can get good feedback regardless of your age, gender, or nationality, making it a very comfortable working environment. As I mentioned earlier, it is easy to take time off, so I am able to work while maintaining my private life, which I feel has a positive effect on my motivation to work.

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